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#ProjectWhy    #AtoZChallenge

The beggars and hawkers rest in the evening sun,
Their jobs done for the day,
The flyover and traffic lights their domain,
The stopped cars and rickshaws the target,
As they tap on the window,
Mournful expression, the honed and practice sad eyes,
Occasionally a baby in arms,
Always the same call and action,
Fingers shovelling to the mouth,
Khaana, khanna, khaana,
Eat, eat ,eat.
Some are genuine, some are controlled by crime gangs,
Most a have protected pitch,
Which means they have to pay someone,
Most are persistent and good humoured,
When I travelled to and from Project Why,
We would stop at the same junction morning and evening,
I would play cat and mouse with three young beggars,
I would try to photograph them,
They were very adept at dodging the camera,
The  unspoken understanding and smile told,
You give us nothing we give back nothing,
It was a game, they recognised the rickshaw,
Rarely bothered us,
When I was leaving to return to England,
I bought them Indian sweets call Gulab Jamun,
My favourite very sweet and sticky,
I ran through the mad Delhi traffic to reach them in the middle,
They were perched on a little concrete island inches from cars and buses,
I held out the box of sweets, no camera in hand,
The three youngsters looked puzzled,
Didn’t understand why this white Britisher,
Who never gave them money,
Was approaching them to give,
Rather than them putting on their sad show to beg,
Nonetheless they took the sweets ans scattered into the traffic,
I never saw them again.
These are the children Project Why exists for,
A reason it started, a differently-abled beggar,
Being taken advantage of and a physically abused,
He was taken under the wing of Project Why,
Given dignity and a reason to be happy.

This month of April, I have been taking part in The A to Z Challenge,
Every day except Sundays, writing a blog going through,
All the letters of the alphabet,
I chose to write each day about my time in India,
With a wonderful charity called Project Why,
They give education, welfare and work skills to children and women,
From the slums of south Delhi.
They all do an amazing job.
They have so much love, give so much love, receive so much love.
But love is not enough in these modern times,
They need regular donators.
To carry on their brilliant work.


Y oh Y oh Y *** Project Why that is Y

#ProjectWhy   #AtoZChallenge
New Delhi 200

I still can’t get my head round this,
Preeti, a victim of early childhood Polio,
Her legs useless but she never accepted help,
My didi, sister, friend I hope,
Sent away to the village by her family,
Hidden away, banished,
To a life of servitude probably,
Seems an in-law didn’t like her,
So much promise, so much pride,
A generous, quick witted human.
I want to find the village and see if she wants to come back,
Maybe somewhere along the line it might be possible.
Delhi 697
This is where she lived, behind these huts,
Her family shack just one small room,
A pallet for a bed,
She brought such dignity to Project Why,
She brought such smiles to me, to other teachers,
Smiles to the other children of class,
Smiles to volunteers she met.
That is what Project Why allowed her to do,
Unhindered she gave.
This is what Project Why can do,
Bring smiles.
A beaming volunteer in the crèche,
Everyone who came into the crèche left with a smile.

237 - Enjoyco

Enrico, a teenage German, found he had a gift,
A gift for entertaining,
He didn’t hold back, Project Why gave him a smile,
He gave back a lot more.
Project Why touches all,
Leaves everyone, students, teachers,
With smiles.

Xylem – Project Why

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#ProjectWhy  #AtoZchallenge

Xylem, yes a tenuous link, but hey X is difficult.
Exist, exit no,
Project Why is like a xylem vessel, how?
This is the definition:
‘Helps provide support and nutrients upward from the roots.’

IMG_2300 copy
Project Why allows the roots of children to be firmly made,
Supports their growth by giving the educational nutrients,
Allows the children to grow strong,
Ending in their flowering, providing beauty, perfume,
But also nectar for others, so they can grow too. 
The gift that keeps on giving.
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Project Why – making the difference,
Breaking the cycle of poverty.

Wet Through at Project Why.


#ProjectWhy  #AtoZChallenge

When the rains break, they break with gusto,
Long awaited monsoon floods everything in Delhi,
Every street it seems becomes a lake,
The little shacks in the slums become islands,
Islands in a sea of mud and you don’t want to know,
When the drains and gullies overflow.
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No matter how much rain everyone seems to enjoy it,
Not least the kids of Project Why,
They quite happily walk home from school,
Taking advantage of the cooling rain,
Young kids play out in it, laughing and squealing,
The wetter the better.
Not all good news though,
A badly thought out,
Misplaced hole in the road to lay cables,
An ancient tree, it’s roots cut thoughtlessly,
The lovely Sikh taxi drivers who are friends of Project Why,
Sat right next to the tree awaiting the next fare,
Craaaaack, smaaaash.
Lucky they were sat on chairs in the shade not in the car.
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Volunteering at Project Why.


#ProjectWhy  #AtoZChallenge

Want a change of life, change of pace,
Make a difference,  be something different,
Volunteer at Project Why in Delhi.
They take care of you,
You take care of them.

Volunteering at Project Why,
I have no doubt changed me and my life,
For the better and forever,
I found a new life, a new way at looking at it,
An understanding of people,
Of foreign policy, of other societies,
I found answers I wasn’t looking for,
It wasn’t always easy, sometimes it was hard,
But things being hard made the experience even better.
Life long friends made, unforgettable memories.

Project Why provides education for children,
From the slums of New Delhi,
They only charge volunteers a small amount for food and lodgings,
That includes all meals, internet, TV, a cook and cleaner, laundry, bedding,
Any problems they have a wealth of experience,
Nothing is impossible.
No expensive admin fees that other organisations charge,
No experience needed, you have that and will get it,
No plans, no need, experience another life.
Live a life don’t be a tourist.

If you are interested visit www.projectwhy.org
Or message me,
I have been an ambassador for this wonderful charity,
Can tell you everything you might want to know.
Change a kid’s life for the better,
Go on change a life…it might just be yours that changes.