Volunteering at Project Why.


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Want a change of life, change of pace,
Make a difference,  be something different,
Volunteer at Project Why in Delhi.
They take care of you,
You take care of them.

Volunteering at Project Why,
I have no doubt changed me and my life,
For the better and forever,
I found a new life, a new way at looking at it,
An understanding of people,
Of foreign policy, of other societies,
I found answers I wasn’t looking for,
It wasn’t always easy, sometimes it was hard,
But things being hard made the experience even better.
Life long friends made, unforgettable memories.

Project Why provides education for children,
From the slums of New Delhi,
They only charge volunteers a small amount for food and lodgings,
That includes all meals, internet, TV, a cook and cleaner, laundry, bedding,
Any problems they have a wealth of experience,
Nothing is impossible.
No expensive admin fees that other organisations charge,
No experience needed, you have that and will get it,
No plans, no need, experience another life.
Live a life don’t be a tourist.

If you are interested visit www.projectwhy.org
Or message me,
I have been an ambassador for this wonderful charity,
Can tell you everything you might want to know.
Change a kid’s life for the better,
Go on change a life…it might just be yours that changes.


Unseen, Underclass, Underprivileged, Overlooked not at Project Why.


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“Where are these slums you talk of?”  I was asked,
By a privileged lady when we were driving to her work place,
To set up a motorbike mechanic workshop for youngsters,
“All around you…look there..and there…and there!”
Her face went blank “I didn’t know, I thought…”
She trailed off.
She just hadn’t seen all those people living by the streets in Delhi,
The unseen, the overlooked, every day for a year she passed them,
Never saw them, poverty blindness,
She was not special, thousands do the same.
Drive on by, walk on by.

Project Why doesn’t walk on by,
The overlooked are a potential,
Have potential,
Given potential,
That is why, Project Why.


The Trust of Project Why

IMG_0058 copy

#ProjectWhy  #AtoZChallenge

To give Project its full and official name,
Named after the father of the founder,
In her parents honour.

In Project Why people trust the charity,
Trust in and trust of,
Volunteers trust they will be fine and looked after,
They are by the charity, by the teachers and by the children,

Parents trust their little ones to the Project Why creche,
Their older ones to the classes,
The mothers to the work skills classes.

Donors trust Project Why to use the money wisely,
It is, for every penny given goes directly to the schools,
The admins, managers, trustees take not one cent,
They give their time and effort for free,
Because they can.

This is why, Project Why.

Schooling is a right? it is at Project Why.


#ProjectWhy  #AtoZChallenge

Schooling should be a right for everyone, shouldn’t it?
In modern society, in successful economic country,
School should be the same right for everyone,
In India the difference in education between the poor and those better off,
Is  massive and as different as it can be.
Paid for school is pretty good, lots of competition and quality,
In government schools it couldn’t be different,
Class sizes of 80 to 100 pupils,
Underpaid staff who have little incentive to give teaching any effort,
Those not near the front of a class can’t hear or see what is being taught,
Students are not missed when they don’t come to class,
Teachers sometimes aren’t missed too,
One teacher didn’t turn up for 12 years, still getting paid,
Nobody noticed.

IMG_0271a (16)

Kids like this one are not missed from school,
Nobody chases him or his parents up to attend,
In fact his parents want him to work the street selling flowers,
To earn money for the family, dodging cars and buses,
Dodging even worse with police and those that prey on the young,
He would be safe in school but probably wouldn’t get much education.
New Delhi 328

Project Why gives these kids from the slums a chance in life,
By providing supplementary education,
Class sizes are kept small so everyone gets good education,
The teachers are from the slums too,
So they know the importance of educating the poverty out,
Everyone at Project Why works hard to make sure,
Those that want education can have it.
It keeps them safe from exploitation,
Levels the playing field with those better off,
Indeed some Project Why students had achieved,
Achieved top grades and top jobs.
Success for them and Project Why,
That is Why.

Radha safe at Project Why

Delhi 1203

#ProjectWhy     #AtoZChallenge

Radha is a beautiful little girl who dances like a Bollywood star,
With has the loveliest smile and the gentlest of persona,
The last time I saw I think she had had 42 fractures,
She has a form of brittle bone disease,
Her home in the slums isn’t safe for her to be sometimes,
Any slight accident or someone tripping over,
Other kids playing might knock Radha and cause a fracture.
Delhi 2543

One day I went to her home to take her to the doctor,
The home was a two metre square shack only about a metre high,
Five members of the family live their,
It was a deeply moving thing to see,
For this gentle and fragile girl to be sat inside in the dark,
An honour for her to trust me to carry her and have her on my lap,
The long journey in silence, I felt her nervousness,
Trips to the doctor usually associated with pain.
New Delhi 360

Over time Radha trusted me more and I was given a task,
Every day to bring her down the many steps,
From the Project Why classroom,
To put her in the rickshaw home,
Immensely aware not to trip or slip,
The shiny, dusty, marble steps need care,
Project Why gives care to kids like this,
She can’t walk, her bones are bent and warped,
If she stayed at home she would be at risk of more fracture,
So every day she is looked after by the school,
Every measure taken to make her safe.
Project Why takes care of special ones.