About Me

Jon West – sort of an actor, sort of a photographer, sort of a teacher, sort of many other things – anything not to have a 9 to 5 job. A shy, short and silly man from near London, UK and recently lived in New Delhi, India. Worked for an NGO called Project Why which supports educational needs of children who live in slums, provide day-care for those with special needs from slums and provide vocational training for women. A great charity, small enough to care, large enough to make a difference and one thing I like a lot is not one person who runs the charity takes a wage, unlike many big charities who pay execs large salaries. Director of a pantomime theatre company in the UK to bring some Christmas cheer to people and have a lot of fun doing it, usually end up on stage as a silly character. I also help train psychologists, psychiatrists and health workers in using CBT to treat PTSD, I act as the client with deep trauma using personal experience.

This blog is somewhere for me to just share some of the things I see and some of my views, somewhere to exercise my writing muscle, to try and be just a little bit creative.

In my life I have done many jobs, been through many changes and experienced many different aspects of life which may give me a slightly more open-minded and rounded way of seeing things. About five years ago I was made redundant and decided it was time I grabbed life by the horns, start looking at things in a more positive way, to enjoy life more and say ‘YES’ to anything and everything – which has led me to many wonderful places, to meet many interesting people and to experience some amazing things, like seeing the Dalai Lama, being in Hollywood films and sharing a precious drink in a family hut in the middle of a slum. I can’t recommend saying ‘YES’ enough – do it at least once a day or all day on a Friday and just see where it leads you.

I’m still humbled and still grounded and don’t think I’m important in the grand scheme of things but I just might make a small difference somewhere.

Never regret the things you do – regret the things you don’t do and promise yourself, next time you will say yes and do those things when the opportunity comes your way.


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