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Y oh Y oh Y *** Project Why that is Y

#ProjectWhy   #AtoZChallenge
New Delhi 200

I still can’t get my head round this,
Preeti, a victim of early childhood Polio,
Her legs useless but she never accepted help,
My didi, sister, friend I hope,
Sent away to the village by her family,
Hidden away, banished,
To a life of servitude probably,
Seems an in-law didn’t like her,
So much promise, so much pride,
A generous, quick witted human.
I want to find the village and see if she wants to come back,
Maybe somewhere along the line it might be possible.
Delhi 697
This is where she lived, behind these huts,
Her family shack just one small room,
A pallet for a bed,
She brought such dignity to Project Why,
She brought such smiles to me, to other teachers,
Smiles to the other children of class,
Smiles to volunteers she met.
That is what Project Why allowed her to do,
Unhindered she gave.
This is what Project Why can do,
Bring smiles.
A beaming volunteer in the crèche,
Everyone who came into the crèche left with a smile.

237 - Enjoyco

Enrico, a teenage German, found he had a gift,
A gift for entertaining,
He didn’t hold back, Project Why gave him a smile,
He gave back a lot more.
Project Why touches all,
Leaves everyone, students, teachers,
With smiles.


3 responses to “Y oh Y oh Y *** Project Why that is Y

  1. I wasn’t sure – did you find your friend with polio? Is she ok? ~Liz

    • jdubj

      She had Polio when young, now she is 19 or 20. Nobody knows where she is. She will be OK but not as well as she would have been had she been able to stay in Delhi, the people in Delhi have no idea where she is. It is very sad, they tried to reason with the family but to no avail. I am 4000 miles away. What do you do…interfere in a family’s life, a culture different to ones on, is it even our place to judge right or wrong. Thanks for asking though.

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