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Volunteering at Project Why.


#ProjectWhy  #AtoZChallenge

Want a change of life, change of pace,
Make a difference,  be something different,
Volunteer at Project Why in Delhi.
They take care of you,
You take care of them.

Volunteering at Project Why,
I have no doubt changed me and my life,
For the better and forever,
I found a new life, a new way at looking at it,
An understanding of people,
Of foreign policy, of other societies,
I found answers I wasn’t looking for,
It wasn’t always easy, sometimes it was hard,
But things being hard made the experience even better.
Life long friends made, unforgettable memories.

Project Why provides education for children,
From the slums of New Delhi,
They only charge volunteers a small amount for food and lodgings,
That includes all meals, internet, TV, a cook and cleaner, laundry, bedding,
Any problems they have a wealth of experience,
Nothing is impossible.
No expensive admin fees that other organisations charge,
No experience needed, you have that and will get it,
No plans, no need, experience another life.
Live a life don’t be a tourist.

If you are interested visit
Or message me,
I have been an ambassador for this wonderful charity,
Can tell you everything you might want to know.
Change a kid’s life for the better,
Go on change a life…it might just be yours that changes.


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