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Unseen, Underclass, Underprivileged, Overlooked not at Project Why.


#ProjectWhy  #AtoZChallenge

“Where are these slums you talk of?”  I was asked,
By a privileged lady when we were driving to her work place,
To set up a motorbike mechanic workshop for youngsters,
“All around you…look there..and there…and there!”
Her face went blank “I didn’t know, I thought…”
She trailed off.
She just hadn’t seen all those people living by the streets in Delhi,
The unseen, the overlooked, every day for a year she passed them,
Never saw them, poverty blindness,
She was not special, thousands do the same.
Drive on by, walk on by.

Project Why doesn’t walk on by,
The overlooked are a potential,
Have potential,
Given potential,
That is why, Project Why.



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