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#ProjectWhy     #AtoZChallenge

Qutab Minar, an extraordinary minaret,
Built hundreds of years ago, intricate, beautiful,
It graces the skyline of western Delhi,
Many stories abound, a place of lore,
A must see, to stand next to its towering impressiveness.


For a long time it was possible to walk to the top,
How many steps must it be,
In the heat it must be a feat,
No longer though, the gate is shut, padlocked,
A spate of suicides of young ladies,
Fearful and powerless, they chose  this course.


One of Project Why’s aims is to empower girls,
Young ladies, wives and their children,
To give women from the slums a chance,
A chance to break out of the slums,
Bringing their families with them,
No longer fearful and powerless,
These women are educated, helped with welfare,
Taught skills so as to earn more, be useful,
So they will not feel the need to take a course,
Like those before them at Qutab minar.


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