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preeti PREETI PREETI Project Why

New Delhi 200

#ProjectWhy  #AtoZChallenge

Today I am sad, I found out this amazing young lady,
Whose life has been so blighted from not being vaccinated,
Has been banished to her village by her family,
Who knows why, superstition, perceived shame,
Umbrage, jealousy, envy, whatever it is,
It is very sad.

Preeti is a young lady of about 20 years old,
She caught polio at an early age and lost the use of her legs,
She seemed to take it in her stride, not missing a step,
Even without legs.
A strong proud woman , rarely accepted help,
She was independent and clever.
If she hadn’t been dealt such an early blow,
She could have been almost anything she liked.

two 004 copy
Princess Preeti

She never complains of her lot,
she invited me to her family’s humble shack once,
I wrote of it in a previous blog, of Preeti, of  strength.
But now she has been shipped off to the family’s village,
Who knows where in India and has not been heard of again,
Project Why made such a difference to her life,
Gave her dignity,
We are all lesser by her absence.
Both as the Project Why family and personally.

Read about Preeti’s absence here.
Watch her journey home here:


One response to “preeti PREETI PREETI Project Why

  1. moving and so beautiful. god bless Jon. we miss you. time you came back

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