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Okhla School. The Project Why Oasis.

New Delhi 326

#ProjectWhy    #AtoZChallenge

Okhla, an area in south Delhi,
A vast industrial estate, slum area, rubbish tip,
As well as an incredible vegetable market,
Not least the mighty Project Why School.
Providing education to children from the surrounding slums.

To visit is like chancing upon an oasis,
Nestled between a simple temple shrine,
A recycling area and a railway.
Outside is dust, noise, trucks,
Inside is usually calm learning,
Unless everyone is dancing.

New Delhi 330
Life can be difficult in Okhla,
A lot of the lowest paid live here,
Rubbish collectors and sorters,
Piles of rubbish, dumped waiting to be sorted,
Line the roads, by the little shacks called home.

Delhi 2545

Fly tipping is rife and can be right outside these homes,
Where it is left just about forever,
Before it becomes part of the landscape,
Becomes overgrown or is built upon.

Delhi 2585
The people who live in these shacks,
Might have occasional electicity, purloined,
The do not have water though,
If there is a standpipe nearby it will rarely have water,
Most days but not every day,
A tanker of water will arrive,
A gift of life from the municiple government.
When the tanker arrives all hand rush to fill any containers,
Each family runs to join the scrabble.
Delhi 2582
These are the conditons of everyday life in Okhla,
Project Why provides education and support,
Welfare and help,
This is why,
Project Why.





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