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No Place for a Child but Project Why is.


#ProjectWhy   #AtoZChallenge
No place for a child,
Twenty metres up on a building site,
Where else is she to go,
If her mother doesn’t work they starve,
And how her mother works,
Every sack of is carried up by the women,
Cement and sand is carried up in baskets,
Upon their heads, up and down in blistering heat,
Sometimes the children play in the sand at the bottom,
Left on their own while mother carries,
Other times the children come up and mingle,
Nothing to stop them falling.
There are laws which are supposed to stop this,
But in India the best of intentions oft go awry.
Project Why provides a free crèche,
So children like this can stay safe,
Mothers can work legally.
Under a metro train flyover,
Ignored by commuters,
There is a gathering of people,
Why are they here,
In piles of rubble,
When there is a park behind.
A closer look reveals,
A family lives here,
The irony of a huge banking advert over their heads,
Lost on all,
No place for a child,
Project Why provides welfare,
Teaches skills to women,
Such as those living here,
To those working as labourers,
Skills learned mean better jobs,
Breaking the cycle of poverty,
Project Why makes the difference.


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