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Mud, Machines and Misfortune. Project Why

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#ProjectWhy   #AtoZChallenge

The hog wallows in the mud on a farm in India,
An age old picture through the centuries,
Only it isn’t a farm it’s a road,
In a huge and sprawling industrial area,
The mud is effluent and pollution from the factories,
The food is rubbish, discarded.
This is Okhla in Delhi.

This is not just an industrial area,
It is called home to thousands living in tiny, shanty slum huts,
The live in the gaps between factories,
On the waste ground between the buildings and the railway,
Even on the rubbish tip,
And this is where a Project Why school has been for over 10 years,
Knocked down by the mafia, who control the area, several times,
For not having their permission until a brave soul talked to the them,
Convinced them to leave the school alone,
Now, true to their word the school has never been touched again.

This scene of pigs in s**t, this road is around the corner,
From the Project Why school,
Outside the huts of some of the families,
Whose children attend the school.
This is Why, this is where,
This is the need,
Project Why tries to break the cycle that keeps families,
Living for generations in slums,
If just one member of a family succeeds in exams,
Gets a good job, then the whole family will be lifted,
Out of poverty, hopefully forever.


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