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Kite Flyers of Project Why

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#ProjectWhy   #AtoZChallenge

A tradition spanning many countries and cultures,
Making then flying kites, to compete in the skies,
To see who is the strongest, the most skilled at flying,
To run rings round others and rip their lines.

A book and film the founder of Project Why, Anou,
Recommended to read and see,
The Kite Runner, a story of two boys,
One who flies the kite,
The other who runs to collect the vanquished kite.

It moves and angers in equal measures,
Shows those who have and those who have not,
How education can make a difference,
But being in the wrong place at the wrong time,
On the streets alone,
Can have more of an affect on a child’s future.

Watch the film, read the book,
It won’t disappoint.
Project Why helps keep the young,
Off the street, protects from harm,
From exploitation, educates,
Teaches the kids to soar in life,
Kite flyers of Project Why.


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