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Humble, Humbled, Polio and Project Why

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#ProjectWhy #AtoZChallenge


Meet Preeti, a very accomplished young lady,
Proud, independent, thoughtful, caring,
A list would go on, she is happy and respected by her peers.
When she was very young she caught Polio and cannot use her legs.

She wants no sympathy, she asks for nothing and accepts no help.
She lives in a slum hut with her family,
Near, a broken drain floods dirty water passed the door.

A thoughtful person has put stones down to use as steps ,
Preeti walks by using her hands to pick up her legs and shuffle along,
She can get through on the stones but if it’s too deep she can’t,
She gets trapped inside.

I was invited to visit, I was humbled to see the conditions and the poverty,
Even though the family is poor, they are still proud,
The hut was tidy, everyone in clean clothes,
I was given a bottle of coke, hastily bought nearby,
Nobody else had one, just me, they can’t afford.

Another day I bought a bag of fruit to say thank you,
For the hospitality, for inviting me into their home.
Preeti was embarrassed to receive the gift,
She carried the bag off without help,
She can cope.

Had she had a vaccine when she was young,
How different would be her life,
With her intelligence and independence,
I’m sure she would be something special,
She still is something special.

Why oh why then do people think it’s OK,
To share, to promote, to endorse and try to prove,
Vaccines are poison, a conspiracy,
If they only knew, if they could only see,
The consequences of preventable disease.

It is dangerous, madness even,
But many do think vaccination is evil,
And not just the undereducated or the superstitious,
The intelligent and the learned too.

Project Why gives Preeti somewhere to excist,
Somewhere to learn, to grow, to become,
The photo of her is while learning to type,
Another skill to master, Project Why helps.
I was, have been and still am humbled by Preeti.


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