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Galee Teen, Govind Puri, Project Why.

271 - Ice Age 3

Galee Teen, alley three in Hindi, the third of over thirty alley ways.
Where can found one Project Why school, the creche and special section.
Govind Puri, a sprawling, ramshackle, warren of alleyways,
Buildings rise three, four, five stories high, each level leaning closer,
Across the lane to its neighbour.
313 - Sights and Smells
So many people, so many sights, so many sounds, so many smells.
A photographers dream, opportunity in every way.
Project Why gives opportunity in every way,
Giving dreams, helping fulfil for children ans women,
Little chance else.

268 - Monday Morning Indian Blues215 - Jamun
212 - Indane
Brass band heralds another day,
Jamun, an astringent little fruit,
Gas delivered.
All in Govind Puri, Galee Teen.
Home of Project Why.


#ProjectWhy  #AtoZChallenge


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