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Far From the Rainbow Not for Project Why

282 - Somewhere Not Over The Rainbow

Far from, far away, far enough to be hidden, not seen,
Far from forgotten by Project Why,
For a female not valued, by family, by society.
Education awaits for her , for them, for the future.
Delhi 663
This is where she lives, among the sprawling industrial units of Okhla, Delhi.
Project Why comes every day, to pick up, with autorickshaw, with minibus,
Scores of children, to give education, to help break the cycle of poverty,
To provide a step out of the slums,
A step once taken is never a step backwards, it means no return.
That is Why, Project Why.
Delhi 745
This the line of families, mothers, some fathers and lots of kids,
Each with their precious school bag and books,
Packed of to Project Why school for the day,
Where they thrive with learning, succeeding.
Until it’s time to go home again.
Delhi 1234

#ProjectWhy  #AtoZchallenge


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