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Deepankar, My Friend at Project Why.

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He helped, he showed, he became my friend,
A man with an enormous heart and an enormous smile,
A beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter,
They invited me to their home, humble as it is,
Humble I was.

A man with ambitions, with dreams, with the will to do,
He works for Project Why, himself from the slums of Delhi,
Helping the kids from slums learn computing, and he is a whizz,
As good as any well trained I.T. tech I have known.

His family’s home, a two square metre brick hut,
Atop a rickety and higgledy building,
Of other ramshackle rooms family’s full,
This family of three live in their tiny hut,
A bed, a cupboard, a broken TV, a chair, not much else,
Clean, cosy and alive.

No drinking water from dripping taps,
No taps.
No place to flushing water from the cistern,
No cistern, no toilet.
Water has to be carried.
Toilet has to be walked to,
The municipal toilet, supplied by the government,
Shared with thousands others, a block hole.

A magical place, alive with people living their everyday,
I visited for dinner, a Bengal fish speciality, served to me,
I’m honoured and humbled, the food…devine.
Outside the air buzzes and braps with big yellow Dragonflies,
Home made kites flown from rooftops,
A magical moment.

Deepankar, my friend, I miss and will see again some day.
He works two, three jobs, saving for a modest flat,
A proud father and husband,
A teacher at Project Why I am proud to have met,
Another success for the wonder Project Why.


#Project Why  #AtoZChallenge.


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