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Creche – Project Why

Small, important, early start, Project Why’s Creche.
A day spent there melts the heart,
Watching the little souls taking their midday nap,
All laid out in a line cutes the hardest heart,
Everyone who walks passed stops to take a photo.

Their little voices singing out the names of fruits pointed to,
In unison they repeat, enjoying the foray into education,
An early start, a head start, a helping start.

Project Why’s volunteers are encouraged to experience,
The delight and wonder of collecting the little creche characters,
They wait oin industrial estates, along busy highways, in sprawling slums,
Parents packing them off, packing them in.
A three wheel auto rickshaw built for a maximum of three adults,
Ends up, fills up, full up, one adult, twenty odd little souls,
Standing, sitting, holding on, quietly, well behaved, smiling.

The crech is a delight for anyone to spend time in,
But it has greater meaning for parents,
Able to work, keep their family safe,
Proud people knwing their little souls are safe,
Getting the best start in the safest of places,
Project Why.

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3 responses to “Creche – Project Why

  1. A beautiful project! So glad I found your blog through the A to Z Challenge.

    Eli@CoachDaddy (#1238)

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