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Birthday Blues Bansished – Project Why



Feeling my age, the numbers always go up.
Every year a certain blues settles,
Another year older, another year closer to death,
Missing friends and missing friends.
Until a Special Section birthday,
Project Why style.

A special birthday surrounded by friends,
Glad to have, appreciated more,
A genuine smile.
These guys have little if anything to give,
Clubbed together buy me a present.

The present I still treasure,
It sits beside me now still,
A heavy chunk of brass,
Hanuman, the ‘monkey’ god.
It speaks love to me and for them.

The Special Section of Project Why looks after and gives education
to differently abled children and a few adults, it keeps them safe
and away from danger, during the day. Everyone who visits this class
is touched by the magic. A day spent there leaves you with a smile.

#ProjectWhy #AtoZchallenge




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