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Anou Ma’am – Project Why.


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Anou ma’am as she is known to the teachers at Project Why, they speak of and too her with respect and love, and understandable so. Anou Bakshi, in the centre of the photo, wanted to create a lasting tribute to her late father, and mother, so  the Sri Ram Gobourdhan Charitable Trust was born and was the start of Project Why.
Project Why’s aim was to provide education and welfare to children and women who lived in the slums of New Delhi.
Anou’s little project started as gathering of a in a back street, a few children sat on ground, in the open air. With Anou’s drive it has expanded to now be several buildings in several parts of Delhi and helps over 900 children and many women too. All the people who are employed by Project Why have come from or are still living in slums and volunteers come from all over the world to help.
Anou is an amazing woman to meet and spend time with, she seems to inspire all those that meet her and humble everyone with what she has done with Project Why. Everyone who visits the schools seems to fall in love with project and its people, not least Anou herself. I count her as my friend and consider myself blessed to have spent time with her and to have her give friendship back.

Respect to you Anou ma’am.

Project Why website.

Project Why Facebook page.



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