Monky Around

Monky Around

A walk, a woods, a stop, a sit against a tree, a corner of an eye, a flash of sunlight, a glimpse…a jump out of skin, a wood carving suddenly beams into life on the end of a ray of sunshine.

It is illogical to feel anything else, logic is restored.

Live Long and Prosper.


Dramatic Combat


Today, a member of The British Academy of Dramatic Combat.

Bruised, aching, tired yet thrilled. Three weeks of throwing a sword around, kicking, punching, strangling, hair pulling and the rest, culminating in my laying prone on the floor to receive a good kick in the globes – you have to trust someone to let them do that. ‘nuvver feather in me cap.

Infinity is’nt all it seems.

IMG_5950 copy IMG_5951 copy2 IMG_5955 copy

Things I learned today…
The infinite number of decimal numbers is larger than the infinite number of whole numbers.
Not even worth thinking about really…

So therefore one infinty can be bigger than another infinity.

infinity + 1 = infinity
infinity + infinity = infinity
Infinity Рinfinity = infinity or 1