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Call To Action: Cowardly Attack on Melbourne Based Photographer

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In what can only be described as a cowardly attack, Melbourne based photographer, cinematographer and production manager Quentin Peel was left fighting for his life while walking home with his house mate Daniel Kennedy, a F Stop Lounge contributor.

While the two walked home they were confronted by a male offender who punched Mr Peel in the face. The force was so strong Mr Peel fell unconscious before his head hit the pavement causing a fracture to the skull.

“It’s a very cowardly attack on an innocent person walking home,’’ Detective Sen-Constable Connolly said.

“The injuries were certainly life-threatening and if it weren’t for the fact that he got medical assistance so quickly it certainly could have killed him.”

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Quentin’s a talented multi platform operator for XM2 Aerial, a Melbourne based company that specialises in production quality aerial video. His most recent shoot was only a few days before the incident at Fox Studios in Sydney, filming a commercial for Audi.

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With Quentin now in a stable condition his friends surrounding him have said  “due to an oversight, despite being an Australian resident, Quentin did not have a medicare card (despite being eligible) and Medicare will not back-date the expenses. As a result there’s a bit of a bill accruing.” His flatmate Daniel Kennedy and girlfriend Stacey have reached out to start an Indiegogo Campaign to help pay for Quentin’s medical expenses. The goal to help save Quentin is a mere $40,000.

History shows us as a photography and videography community we’ve pulled together and I want to encourage you now to donate to help save Quentin’s life. I don’t know Quentin but I feel the urge to donate and spread the word about this terrible ordeal. So please click through to the campaign and donate to a cause that will help a young talented man find his identity, talent and life again.

Together we can do this.

via The Herald Sun

Editors Note: I encourage any other photography and videography blogs to share this message to help spread the word. Thank you.

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