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Day 31 – Bedford.


The last day of a month of photo-a-day and perhaps the most difficult. Where to find anything in Delhi relating to the hometown, Bedford. Surely a hotel named so…no, an old colonial house maybe…no, a Bedford truck perhaps…no, something, anything, however remote…nothing, not a thing. All day looking, trawling, thinking but not even the most tentative of connections. Evening comes, the room in Delhi, no inspiration comes, about to give up, a look at a memory of home while thinking of home. There it is, been there all day, the most prized of thing from home, the one thing of all, the most important thing packed and brought 4000 miles, the most treasured memory and memento. The photo from a father’s desk in Charles Wells brewery, the one he left the morning he was lost, of proud him and proud mum, of shy son and laughing daughter, the niece and nephew of a brother now lost, of sister’s first born. All Bedford connections, the one thing to remind of home, a most personal of thing but proud to share.
In front three treasured things, complete the shrine, a Ganesh given by Bedford born offspring, a Hanuman given by the class of special needs guys in Delhi and a glass Ganesh bought from a street seller outside the Dali Lama’s temple in the Himalayas.
All posts during the month of July have been part of an on-line photo-a-day project organised by The Bedford Clanger cultural monthly newspaper in Bedford, UK. to show the best of this small town, This blogger was given special permission to post within the project from Delhi, to share, with the other entrants, life in another place far removed from the hometown.


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