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The Birthday Pocket-Pick at the Temple.


On a special day, to Kalka Mandir temple for a birthday blessing, feeling generous, to give to the beggars outside, share a good day with them. More than beggars watching the wallet taken out, a few rupees given, eyes on the wallet and its pocket, a lapse in concentration in the crush outside the temple. Feeling hands touching, go to buy a sweet offering to be blessed…wallet gone. Of all places outside a wonderful temple, one of the oldest and most revered, one of the oldest crimes, pick-pocketing, twice in a few days. Lesson learned, feeling stupid, annoyed with self, no happy birthday just a lesson on giving. Hope somebody really needed, poor family to feed, but most probably just a bad person, a gunda.

As folklore in India says, something owed to person in a past life has been given back.


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