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Day 26 – Unique


Lone figure on the deserted street, illuminated hand-cart for company, remnants of the day’s stock languishing in the bottom of the chiller, awaiting those last few sales late in the evening. Mother Dairy Ice-cream seller, same spot every day, the midpoint between Hemkunt, Chirag and Pamposh Enclaves. The handcart wheeled from the distribution hut, over a mile away, in early morning and pushed back late in the evening, 14 hours a day stood by the side of the road to make a living.
Mother Dairy Cooperative, farmers to sellers share in the welfare of the company with fare prices given to all, the only one who doesn’t get a share is the cow. Nearby, Mother Dairy milk shop is open early morning, closes for the hot afternoon and open til late in the evening. People walk there with little churns, self-service vending machines pour milk, under neon glow, lids affixed to canteen, people can be seen walking away, in all directions, carrying their precious cargo. Others buy from the counter, little pint, pyramidal, plastic bags, wandering away holding milk sacks, pinched by the corner.
Every household needs their milk, no chai, no curd, no staple without milk.
Unique to Delhi and India, the integral relationship with milk and Mother Dairy, from rich to poor, from farmer to consumer, all form a part, a unique leveller and commonality.


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