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Day 23 – In Bloom.

In Bloom

Just another local, little park, Hemkunt of Delhi, an oasis of calm and beauty amidst the hectic, dusty, noisy city. Not just another park, a garden of tranquillity, exotic, ordered, a contrast to outside its borders of chaos and disarray. Inside, deep red, hanging threads of flowers contrast against bright greens of thick foliage. Royal purple blossoms vie for attention of gently fluttering, white upon white, miniature butterflies. Rich yellow and flaming orange trumpet blooms strive for the sky, reaching up from thick stalks, the tops of their petals becoming loose and irregular as though, Icarus-like, they melt to near the sun.
Trees force themselves up from between reddish-rocky outcrops, hung with Latin names, Terminallia Arjuna, Polathia Longiflia, Gmelina Arborea, Cordia Dichotoma. Shading and protecting, guardians of relief from hot rays, the flora and fauna beneath. Rising, grandiose, atop a small hillock surrounded by undulating grass, a squat bandstand. Victorian ironwork trellis and columns up-bear a curving, peaked roof, crowned atop with a globe of iron. No longer home to Sunday bands, harking back in time and place, now benches adorned with drowsy figures, escaping the afternoon heat. Hemkunt Park.


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