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Day 20 – Gig.


Some Time. An Indian play in English about not appreciating what you have while you still have it and how letting the rush of everyday life can mask from yourself the good things you have.
An acting gig is very different in India than in the UK or elsewhere. The audience is totally different and highlights the difference in cultures. An Indian audience may not arrive on time, may leave in the middle and talk all the way through. They even, usually, have to be prompted to applaud at the end but the biggest difference is their attitude to mobile phones. Nobody, or very few it seems, turn their phones off or even put them on silent, constantly get them out and check for texts or emails. During an 80 minute play at least twenty phones went off, most were looked at to see who was calling before being rejected and a couple were answered and conversations had, with nobody batting an eyelid or shushing at them. At a recent theatre gig, the main actor stopped proceedings six times when phones went off, berated those whose phones disturbed his acting and even lectured the whole audience as to why it is polite to turn phones off when at a performance. Even so, at the end, when he took his bow, he had to apologise to the audience for HIS interruptions and for being rude enough to object to people having their phones switched on.
A total difference to somewhere like the Coliseum, in London, home of the English National Opera. There, during a performance, a man’s phone went off, someone in the same row stood up and pointed to him, next a steward come along and quietly signalled to him to exit the theatre, leaving his family behind, certainly being given no doubt as to having to leave, no warning chance, an example was set. No excuses.


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