Day 18 – Big.


A little street with a BIG heart. A small building with the BIG wide world inside. A small room full of BIG dreams. A small charity with BIG ideas.
The computer centre of the NGO Project Why in Giri Nagar, New Delhi, provides free computer training for the underprivileged of the area, so young people’s dreams of better careers may become a reality. It gives free internet access so the poorly educated can see and connect with the rest of the world. It may not be a large, plush computer centre but inside it is tardis-like, groups of young faces, illuminated by the glowing portals to the universe, learn, dream and envision.
The little street of the computer centre has tiny, ramshackle, oddly built homes along one side, the people who live there, accept anybody wandering along, sometimes looking inquisitively at passing strangers, occasionally engaging passers-by with questions but usually shyly just watching. Half-way down the street is a tiny house with the biggest heart, where eight people live in the space of a couple of tiny rooms. Outside is a little shrine, inside is a whole wall given over to the gods. Anybody can come in and bless themselves or be blessed by the softly spoken, self-proclaimed holy woman, the matriarch and big heart of the family. Respected by all who meet her, she accepts all, without question. To visit is an experience that leaves a BIG impression, not just on the mind.