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Day 15 – Pub


The terrace of the very English pub of The Delhi Golf Club. Few pubs can boast the view from here, of lush, well kempt, grass around ancient tombs and temples, shaded by exotic trees. In early evening, huge eagle-like Kites soar in front of the terrace to settle on the grass below, mongoose scurry between the patches of undergrowth, peacocks strut with magnificent arrays in front of their fancy and every once in a while a monkey or two appear in the trees. As dusk falls, lights illuminate the fairways and slowly another world is revealed, owls hoot, wild cats cry. Proud deer stroll, casually across, dipping their heads occasionally to nibble the rough, bucks with their heads high, watchful over their concubine does. Flitting and darting come great bats, wide wings angling in the dark, chasing the large, flying insects attracted to the lights out on the greens. Their prey caught, the bats settle on the grass, standing upright, holding their catch with delicate hands and chew their pre-packaged supper, before briefly extending their wings and flitting off again.
An extraordinary place to enjoy a drink though cash can’t be used, only members can order drinks to be put on their monthly bill, guests really are guests here. Little point in trying to become a member, the waiting list is reported to be 35 years long.


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