Day 12 – Entertainment.


Just for entertainment…swimming in an open pool while the skies open to let loose their best monsoon downpour. Swimming upside down, underwater, just to watch the huge drops hit the surface, each releasing a bubble that exist only for a moment until the next drop hits, listening to the slowed-down, pitch-lowered patter, enveloping in the eerie non-silence.
Just for entertainment…sitting in a park, gazing at Three-Stripe Palm Squirrels, chatter like fish-wives and chase each other back and forth across the grass, up and down and round the tree trunks. Watch and wait as they all, simultaneously as if conducted, cease their urgent, high-pitched patter. On the grass they sit up, on the trunks they lean out, every one staring at the others, immobile for a few seconds only to, seemingly to an invisible baton, chatter and chase each other again.
Just for entertainment…get a haircut by the funny old man, whose chair is sat by the roadside, beneath a Banyan tree, his mirror perched on the low buttress of a wall. Watch the quick hands, chop, chop, chop, with scissors constantly in motion, ceaselessly scything, the patter of blades never still, cutting hair but as if in a rhythm, pausing to tap against the comb in time, releasing the hair to the gentle wind of the street.
Just for the entertainment…of the spectacle, paying the barber double the amount and it is still only 50 Rupees or about 55 pence.