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Day 11 – Quench

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The mosambi juice seller. The is nothing quite like a lime juice soda salty in the heat of Delhi to quench a thirst. On nearly every street there can be found a cart, laden with limes ready to be freshly mangled and the juice strained through muslin, sometimes soda water added or just plain water and then a masala of salt. The hard-core go for black salt, looks like the salty grit put on roads in icy weather but once added to water, smells like rotten eggs, volcanic sulphur and tastes like it too. However its a really good way to combat dehydration as is nimbu pani which is lemon water made the same way. Not bad for 10 Rupees, or about 11 pence. This cart also makes omelettes for 20 Rupees. Quench and scoff, fresh and natural from the street cart.


One response to “Day 11 – Quench

  1. annetbell

    I wish I had one right now! namaste. . . .Anne

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