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Day 10 – Riverside

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A stroll along the embankment, but its not made of solid earth, it’s a centuries worth of rubbish, the garbage built up from years of dumping and collected detritus washed from upstream on floods. Yet this water flows all the way from the Yamuna River here in Okhla, New Delhi to near one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Taj Mahal in Agra. For this is no natural river, it is the Agra Canal, built by the British over a hundred years ago to be a navigable waterway and to irrigate the fertile lands of the Yamuna flood plains between Delhi and Agra.
It could be so beautiful, so picturesque but there is a lack of concern it seems, by most of the population in India for their environment, even for the many amazing, ancient buildings. However, a few people do see a vision of an alternative India and work hard to change attitudes, to raise awareness. With these people lies hope and a vision of a country that cares, not only for its people but for its lands too.


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