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Day 6 – Joy

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The joy of love, a couple sit together under an archway at Safdarjung’s Tomb. Most parks and gardens, monuments and ancient buildings in New Delhi are populated with lovers, usually in discreet corners or under trees they sit in each others arms, all being close, sometimes giggling and never going any further, there is a certain modesty to adhere to.
The joy of watching eagles soar on the thermal updrafts rising above Safdarjung’s resting place, circling round and round, waiting for the chance to swoop on an unsuspecting bird resting on the tomb’s high dome. The joy of watching them dive only for a huge flock of the wary prey to rise in unison, escape in an undulating wave, the confused eagle veering away, the twisting ribbon of birds wraps the dome again and settles down.
The joy of showing a registration of Indian residency and only paying 5 Rupees entry rather than the tourist rate of 100 Rupees.
The joy of sitting in peaceful gardens, under a tree, reading a good book, in the shadow of the Taj Mahal’s poorer cousin with the distant sound of shy giggles floating in and out on the wind and the occasional call of an eagle, overhead.


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