Day 5 – Pride

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Street children of Delhi take pride in each other and take pride in their jobs selling Tube Roses. Even though turned down for a sale, the young flower seller called his little brother over, with pride, to meet the Westerner, say hello and show how happy they are. Today they have flowers to sell which means some money earned, they will eat well tonight and have some pride in themselves for bringing it to the family.
The young flower sellers dodge through the traffic at the lights, trying to get round all the cars before the lights change again, showing their neatly wrapped bundles to each closed window, selling them for between 150 and 200 Rupees, about £2. When the traffic moves they skip between moving vehicles back the median in the middle of the road where they sit and play, feet dangling inches from danger. On the side of the road the mother squats, carefully preening and tying each bundle with pride, later in the same spot the boys will be seen being bathed from a pot of water, just as carefully preened as the flowers and with as much pride.
The boys are having a good day, they are not to know the stranger they met and laughed with was having a worse day, two pieces of very bad news delivered within 15 minutes but for a few minutes joy and laughter was shared with the little flower sellers, they unknowingly giving a moments release. It could be worse, it could be their life.