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Day 4 – Independent

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Independent suspension of the truck and the road. In C.R. Park, New Delhi, an unfortunate, independent truck driver falls foul of the independent road and sewer construction and his independent suspension does no good whatsoever for this hole that caved in beneath the wheel.
If potholed roads are a problem in you town or city just be thankful they are not like the pot holes in New Delhi’s roads. Even on main, four lane, highways where the speed limit can be 60kph, a whole stretch across the road can be deep enough for traffic to come to a standstill as each driver, gingerly, tries to get over the holes, bottoms of cars and auto-rickshaws scraping along the tarmac. On side roads, driving is usually a slalom course around holes and even tarmac disappears sometimes leaving a dirt or gravel rally course.
The truck driver and his mate must have stood looking at his stricken vehicle for an hour, with a helpful crowd gathering, all with their own theories on how to extricate the wheel from the hole. With only his little jack and a few pieces of wood he tries to solve the problem, each inch the truck rises, more wood is stuffed underneath it, until finally the wheel rises out the hole. With no wood left to stick under the wheel, he chanced it, gunned the engine and with a terrible screeching of metal and the cracking of splintering wood, the truck lurched forward and it is free. He drives off quickly, in case he is made to pay for the damaged road even though its the construction at fault, and is gone.


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  1. annetbell

    T I I . . . . This Is India! Namaste. . . . .Anne

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