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Day 3 – Out

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Out of the sky, a fallen kite in gali teen or lane three of Govind Puri, New Delhi. It is kite season in Delhi, a popular kids game throughout Asia. The kids make their own kites and fly them mainly from the roof tops, when many are flown a battle can take place. They try to manoeuvre their kites in such a way as to cut the string on their opponents kite and if possible run to claim the spoils of their win, collecting their trophies of victory to show their prowess of building and flying kites.
Their is an excellent book and film called, The Kite Runner, set in Afghanistan, of two young friends from different classes that explores how each is treated and how their lives turn out. If you get a chance to read  the book or see the film, you won’t be disappointed, one of the best international films of the last ten years. The scenes of kite flying set in Kabul look not unlike the galis of Govind Puri, when kites fill the air after school and shouts go up to fly this way and that, with the sound of fluttering, tissue paper stretched, frames coming and going on the wind.


3 responses to “Day 3 – Out

  1. annetbell

    Kite season in India is in January and there is one weekend where the whole nation is shut down for “kiting!” And it is not just the kids, adults take great pleasure in this old and simple pleasure. Quite charming. . . . . Namaste. . . . Anne

    • jdubj

      Namaste Anne. The monsoon has broken so winds are up after months of hot sun and little if any breeze in Delhi, therefore its kite flying season once again, that’s what I mean, and not referring to the Kite Festival associated with Vasanta.

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