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 Day 1 – Smile

IMG_1825 copy3

Day 1 – Smile
The kids in the crèche of the charity Project Why in New Delhi. They all live in the slums and Project Why provides supplementary education, from 4 years old to 18 years, on top of their abysmal state schooling – trying to break the cycle of poverty and poor education that keeps the families in the slums.
The little charmer in the foreground is called Ankita, who normally looks sad, frightened and lonely until she smiles and her face lights up, then you know she is really alright.
All the kids are a joy to be with and so well behaved, the best moment to see them though is when they have their midday snooze, all 25 of them lie on the mats, next to each other in a long row – its the cutest sight.

This is photo one of a month long ‘photo a day’ project on Facebook for a monthly newspaper in my hometown – called The Bedford Clanger.


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