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All the Rave at the Moment

IMG_0211 copy

Like a throw-back to the 1990’s rave culture in Europe, day-glow fashion for the daring young Indian women. Is this the latest vogue for Delhites or someone’s mistaken idea of new fashion, copied from an old magazine picture and merged with traditional Indian garb? Back in 1990’s illegal rave culture in the underground scene these would fit right in, during the heyday of Ibiza clubbing they would not be out of place, indeed had a raver worn them they would be admired and applauded for going the extra mile and brightening up, dancing under the ultra-violet lamps, glowing luminosity.

Outside a boutique in Central Market, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, they certainly attracted attention to the shop’s interior but alas these were the only such clothes of the mode. Though bright, colourful and beautifully adorned clothes are the norm in Delhi for lots of women who haven’t succumbed to western fashion trends, these clothes are the brightest seen anywhere. Sadly and, most probably, luckily there were no male clothes of the like or a sale might have been made. A girlfriend lets out a sigh of relief for the ostentatious boyfriend with little fashion sense.


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