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Perchance a Pachyderm


Finally, after many pachyderm-less attempts, an encounter with an elephant. A lifelong wish fulfilled, curiosities answered, a powerfulness confirmed. Grey skin of two weeks’ stubbled old leather , thick yet loose, pliable yet firm. Ivory tusks as smooth as piano keys, hard and cool, a rock hard extension of the power and weight attached. Deep brown, amber eyes as large as a fist yet soft and unyielding of any thoughts behind. Beautiful, powerful, gentle with underlying forcefulness, strength felt in all movement, undefendable against. A tick-box filled, a memory cherished, afterwards a hand, unmistakably left with pungent odour, musky and like nothing to compare. A chat with the driver revealed this elephant the same, very one on a previous, disappointingly failed, attempt to meet, a three hour, fruitless journey to see only this time met within walking distance of home. The smile was broad and the joy lingered long after, the elephant memory to be as long its own, much fabled. As a hundred Rupee note handed in thanks one, uncomfortable thought, such incredible beauty and strangeness didn’t evolve in the middle of a huge city.


One response to “Perchance a Pachyderm

  1. Jax ⋅

    Hmm I know what you mean!! (last sentence)

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